Don’t rush directly to the solutions – dispose your time for reflections, clarify your goals, and determine the strategy that leads you towards your goal(s)

Welcome to my Virtual World – Images and Artworks

This page contains a varity of topics combined with my no 1 hobby, which is to make images.

A link to my gallery: The Image Page

At the moment most of the textual contents will be in Norwegian, but pictures are at least independent of language.

My five last uploads to Flickr:

Lengre ned på siden finnes noen nyttige tips samt en blogg med reisebeskrivelser.

Titt også gjerne på spesialsidene:

Artworks (

My gallery – The Image Page

Pictures are often at their best when we can view them at a wall.


På kurs-siden ligger kursbeskrivelser, samt kursdokumentasjonen sortert på temaer.

Fototurer og infosider til inspirasjon og nytte